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Helping the Bully

Helping the Bully

May 27, 2011

To an assistant principal, bullying is a violation of school rules and must be curbed with serious consequences. To a guidance counselor and social worker bullying is a problem that deeply affects both the victim and the bully. With each of these different perspectives there comes an important question: how does one deal with the bully? Social w...

New Lenient Internship Policies Welcome More Participants

December 22, 2010

As the end of second quarter approaches, seniors begin to anticipate the many advantages that come with being a second semester senior. The senior internship program is one of the privileges that a number of students in the senior class take advantage of.   As a common cure for “senioritis,” students...

Early Release: Students Plan to graduate early

December 3, 2010

Casey Haffner, currently a junior at Staples, will not be attending school for the entire third and fourth quarter of her senior year. She also will not be graduating with the rest of the class of 2012. Instead, Haffner is graduating from Staples in January of her senior year. "When I decided that I...

Gaining Independence – Students Create Independent Studies

Gaining Independence - Students Create Independent Studies

October 1, 2010

Justine Abelow ’11 created her own class. She teaches herself the material. She is taking an independent study. Abelow took Introduction to Psychology as a junior, but wanted to further her knowledge and challenge herself by taking the AP course not offered by Staples. She is doing this by pursuing...

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