New Lenient Internship Policies Welcome More Participants

As the end of second quarter approaches, seniors begin to anticipate the many advantages that come with being a second semester senior.

The senior internship program is one of the privileges that a number of students in the senior class take advantage of.   As a common cure for “senioritis,” students have the opportunity to finish school in May and intern in an area of the student’s interest.

This year’s new requirements to participate make eligibility much more attainable.

In order to be qualified for an internship, a student must maintain grades that allow them to graduate.

In a full-year course, a student cannot have more than 17.5 absences, and in a semester course that takes place during third and fourth quarter, he or she cannot exceed 7.5.

A student will not be eligible for an internship if he or she is suspended at a time throughout the duration of second semester or if he or she has an academic integrity violation.

Joyce Eldh, the senior internship program coordinator, says that the guidelines were changed so that different students would be able to utilize the program. “This year the terms are clear, concise, and allow more applicants to take part in the program,” Eldh said.  In previous years, grade and attendance requirements were unclear and restrictive.  Now Eldh says that they’ve been altered in favor of students who wish to utilize the program.

Principal John Dodig believes that the new terms will allow students with an array of interests to participate in the internship program.
“Kids who struggled throughout high school will now have a chance to pursue something of greater interest during their senior year,” Dodig said.

Dodig already estimates that 350 students out of the 470 in the senior class will participate in the internship.

Guidance Counselor Victoria Capozzi says that the changes in requirements will be beneficial to those who have considered the internship program.

“Most students like being done with course work by May,” Capozzi said.  “These changes will allow them to utilize that opportunity.”
Jon Camche ’11 plans on participating in the senior internship program and is excited to have moderate requirements.  “I think that more students will be able to partake in the program and utilize its benefits,” Camche said.

With more lenient guidelines, Camche feels as though many of his friends who are interested in doing an internship but weren’t sure if they would qualify will now be able to do so.

Other students, such as Greg Gudis ’11, felt as though the attendance restrictions should have been more vocalized.

“An announcement would have been nice…but I don’t think my senior internship opportunity will be jeopardized” Gudis said.

In order to clarify the confusion, Eldh has since sent out an email to the senior class and their parents about the guidelines.  Now, seniors who want to participate and already have multiple absences will be responsible for watching their attendance closely.

Last year, a vast percentage of the senior grade participated in the program, aside from a few who either chose not to or couldn’t meet the requirements.  This year the school predicts that even more students than last year will have the ability to cure their senioritis by May.

The terms are simple, Dodig says.  “As long as you can graduate, you can intern.”