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Many English teachers use Turnitin to clearly see if students are plagiarizing off of other websites for their assignments.

Lessons in connections reinforce academic integrity

Emily Goldstein '23, Staff Writer October 26, 2020

Students slyly open a new tab on Google and cut and paste the essay question into the search bar. It’s so easy, so accessible, a perfect claim statement and analysis comes right onto the screen in a...

Students are able to utilize various applications to cheat (and violate academic integrity) during the hybrid model and distance learning. This inhibits students’ understanding of material and falsely represents their mastery in a concept.
Graphic by Julia Herlyn ’23

Academic integrity suffers in age of COVID-19, distance learning

Julia Herlyn ’23, Staff Writer October 25, 2020

In 2020, information is at the tips of our fingers. With the simple click of a button, a student can easily find formulas, tutorials, translations and summaries that can serve as blessings at some times,...

New Lenient Internship Policies Welcome More Participants

December 22, 2010

As the end of second quarter approaches, seniors begin to anticipate the many advantages that come with being a second semester senior. The senior internship program is one of the privileges that a number...

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