2022 Counties, Red and Whites dances canceled


Graphic by Hannah Conn '23

On Oct. 5, students across Fairfield County who were planning to attend the 2022 County Charity Ball and the Red and Whites Charity Ball were informed of the dance’s cancelation due to a lack of funding from local businesses. (The dates selected do not reflect the original dates of Counties and Red and White dances)

Hannah Conn ’23, Web Opinion Editor

The County Charity Ball, affectionately called “Counties,” and Red and Whites Charity Ball, or Red and Whites, were canceled on Oct. 5. Both dances originally had two separate dates in February, one for juniors and one for seniors. 

Typically, each dance is a Charity Ball, with the revenue from ticket sales being allocated to different charities chosen through an application and vetting process. This year, local small businesses, who have previously supported both dances as donors, cannot provide the same funding due to economic damage sustained by the COVID-19 lockdown. 

“[Cancelling the dances] was a larger financial decision mixed in with some public health issues,” head of the Counties Assemblies Board Michele Modugno said. “If another variant of COVID-19 comes out, we may have to cancel further down the road for the health of the students.” 

Students were disappointed to hear news of the cancelation and to find out that COVID-19 is still having an impact on their high school traditions. For many, the past month has included preparations, such as asking out their dates and dress shopping. 

“I’m really sad about it. Staples doesn’t have a lot of opportunities for dances, and now instead of three, [the juniors] only get one,” Bea Hobbs ’23 said. 

Currently, the classes of ’22 and ’23 can still expect Prom dates to remain for May 2022. Seniors can also look forward to the upcoming homecoming dance to take place in October. 

“It’s rough as a senior, we got all of our dances taken away as juniors last year, so to have some taken away again sucks,” Prasaus Yeager ’22 said. “But, with homecoming and my Senior Prom to look forward to, I guess I can’t complain.” 

Despite the cancelation of the February dances, Modugno hopes to hold an alternative event. She and the rest of the Assembly Board are already speaking with various venues about the possibility of a spring event. 

“The future is bright for Counties. […] We are hopeful for a possible spring event, though nothing is concrete at the moment,” Modugno said. “As I told my board, we are going to come back with a bang.”