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Two groups, Westport Pride and the WPS Pride Coalition are throwing a fundraiser event in which they are selling LGBTQ+ merchandise commemorating the Stonewall riots. The merchandise can be purchased up until Sunday, May 5. Graphic by Hannah Conn 23. (Please be advised that the graphic above is not the merchandise being sold.)

Westport Pride, WPS Pride Coalition create fundraiser, sell merchandise commemorating Stonewall, LGBTQ+ Pride

Hannah Conn ’23, Staff Writer May 5, 2023

Through Sunday, May 7, the Westport Pride Group and the WPS Pride Coalition have a fundraiser selling two different t-shirts in preparation of the upcoming National LGBTQ+ Pride month, June, and commemoration...

Reading independantly and non-educationally provides an opportunity for readers to relax, engage their minds and de-stress. Choosing to read a book over scrolling through social media has proved to encourage mental health and healthy sleeping habits.

Rediscovering love for independent reading provides comfort, improves mental health 

Hannah Conn '23, Web Managing Editor March 10, 2023

I always described myself as an avid reader. I devoured books one after the other and enjoyed every moment that I spent by myself flipping through the pages. I dive headfirst into world after world, loving...

Orange buttons and ribbon pins were distributed to students in the library. Shirts displayed the pins to represent  their awareness of teen dating violence and support for victims.

Sexual Assault Awareness and Self Defense Club effort causes reflection of teen relationships, domestic violence

Hannah Conn ’23, Web Managing Editor February 17, 2023

As teenagers, romantic relationships seem like the ideal: the happy couples kissing on Instagram, walking each other to classes and sitting together to pose for pictures. This idealistic version of teenage...

In my own journey for body positivity, I have reframed my perspective on what it means for changing your body healthily rather than doing so in toxic, unhealthy ways.

Personal journey for self-love includes healthy lifestyle changes

Hannah Conn '23, Web Managing Editor December 2, 2022

Over recent years, the extensive body positivity movement has swept modern social media and the minds of our generation. The movement presses that we should love our bodies no matter what. Its rhetoric...

Working as a full time student has provided opportunities to learn invaluable lessons about responsibility, monetary awareness and so much more.

Working two jobs teaches responsibility, monetary awareness 

Hannah Conn '23, Web Managing Editor October 9, 2022

If you had told me three years ago that I would be working two jobs on top of being a full time student, I would have said you were insane. As a freshman I thought being a student was all the commitment...

Students face new, extreme punishments including having phones taken away and immediate Saturday detentions.

New school policies punish students unwarrantly, merit system more suited

Hannah Conn ’23, Web Managing Editor September 23, 2022

Upon entering my first Connections class of the year, I expected to relax, greet my Connections teacher and talk about the new school year. Instead, we were read the new policy changes regarding our cell...

Released on April 22, 2022, Heartstopper provides relatable, loveable LGBTQ+ romance and journey. While season two has not been announced, season one has climbed the top-watched list in America and the United Kingdom.

Netflix’s “Heartstopper” illustrates heartwarming, intricate LGBTQ+ journey, romance 

Hannah Conn '23, Web Managing Editor May 3, 2022

When I pressed “play” on the first episode of "Heartstopper," I prepared myself for the worst. I rallied my heart to be broken once more by an unrealistic, stereotypical queer romance that categorized...

Student-led “Make Me Free” wins Voice4Change. The group aims to use the provided $20,000 to give students at Staples access to free period products in bathrooms for up to a year.

‘Make Me Free’ wins Voice4Change initiative

Hannah Conn '23, Web Managing Editor April 11, 2022

“Make Me Free” was announced as the winner of the Voice4Change contest in an email sent by Principal Stafford Thomas on Friday, April 8. Voice4Change allowed several student-led groups to propose...

Each night, my family and I alternate which news platform we watch to gain insight into the world around us - through this practice, I have learned to be open minded and respectful of others’ political views as well as strengthening the basis of my own.

Politically diverse home fosters political empathy, perspective

Hannah Conn '23, Web Managing Editor March 15, 2022

Is it a CNN or Fox News night tonight? Once we finish battling over Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune over an amazing meal, and the dishes are all clean, my family normally retires to the family room to watch...

Reminiscing my childhood joy of playing video games with my siblings led to a binge-play of my favorite Pokémon games. This provided me with incredible stress relief and a week of self-care.

Returning to childhood joys increases happiness, de-escalates stress

Hannah Conn '23, Web Managing Editor March 11, 2022

Euphoria rushed through me as the Masterball clicked for the third time. I had done it! In just two days, with my head down and fingers glued to the buttons and toggle at every waking moment, I had collected...

Pictured above are various heroes one can play in League of Legends and are characters featured in Arcane. With an already confirmed second season, Arcane has presented fans of League of Legends and science fiction with an animated, dramatic and explosive story.

“Arcane” rightfully earns Netflix top 10 ranking

Hannah Conn ’23, Web Opinions Editor December 14, 2021

With a perfect blend of steampunk and fantasy, "Arcane" depicts a world run by politics, magic and class divides. Even from the first episode, it was clear that the show takes the cake for Netflix’s...

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