Yik Yak storms Staples


Yik Yak storms Staples – Students’ downloading of the app resulted in posts described as “vulgar” and prompted a reaction from the administration.

Yik Yak blasts into Fairfield County – The app has had a presence in other high schools around Fairfield County.

Teachers respond to Yik Yak – Staples staff express opinions on the app and its consequences.

New anonymous app skyrockets in popularity – Students discuss what makes Yik Yak so viral.

Students react to the Yik Yak app – Students compared the app to Gossip Girl and the Mean Girls “Burn Book.”

Yik Yak blocked at district schools – Find out about the technology behind Yik Yak: how it was blocked and how it can track users.

200 characters are enough to hurt – One writer’s opinion on the nature of the app’s posts.