Yik Yak blasts into Fairfield County

The app Yik Yak, an open forum where students can anonymously post comments saying whatever they want, has rammed into not only Staples, but many other Fairfield County Schools as well.

High schools such as Greenwich, Fairfield Warde, and Fairfield Ludlowe have reported that the presence of the app has been prominent among their students as well.

Similar to what happened at Staples today, the app got out of hand very quickly at Fairfield Warde High School on Tues., April 22.

The posts on the app were the same type as those that have been popping up at Staples.

“Most of the comments about guys were jokes… talking about race, religion, sexual preference (stuff like that) but the things that were said about girls used vulgar language and were hurtful to many girls,” Casey Palmer, a senior at Fairfield Warde, said.

“Many left school early because they were so humiliated and hurt by what other people said about them,” Palmer added.

Palmer said that this hype only lasted for one day. The administration dealt with the issue by making an announcement the next day.

Fairfield Ludlowe parents were warned about the app on Wed., April 23, after the incidents at Fairfield Warde. The email that the administration sent stated that the school is working alongside the Fairfield Police Department’s School Safety Unit and Youth Bureau Detectives regarding this widespread issue.

Greenwich High School also had a sizable problem with students abusing the app but the school decided to handle it a little differently.  According to a source inside the Information Technician center at Greenwich High School, the IT center started off by blocking the app through the Internet Protocol (IP) but then decided to send a request to Yik Yak to have the Greenwich High School area blocked by the actual app. Although it took a couple of days to finally work, submitting the request to Yik Yak completely halted the ability to use the app at Greenwich High School.