Tidal splashes on the beach of Staples


The ways people discover and get their music is always evolving. First, people exclusively used iTunes; however, as Spotify and Soundcloud have become more prominent among Staples students, there is a new kid on the block.

Tidal, founded by esteemed rapper Jay Z, offers over 25 million songs and 85,000 music videos and gives unlimited streaming for a monthly fee. More importantly for artists, it also gives the more royalties and respect for their music. As a result, artists have begun pulling their music from spotify and putting their work on Tidal. The most prominent has been famous rapper Kanye West, who put his new album “Life of Pablo” on Tidal.

Kanye’s actions have led many Staples students to switch their music streaming allegiances to tidal.

“I really wanted to listen to “Life of Pablo” because I am a huge Kanye West fan so I signed up for their free trial and listen to some music there,” Dylan Dreyfuss ‘16 said.

With so many students switching over to listen to Kanye’s new album, it has led other artists like Jay-Z to take their albums off of spotify and put them on tidal.
However, with free trials expiring now, the expensive price tag for Tidal and Kanye adding more songs to his album, students face a decision whether to sign up for Tidal or lose their free trial.

I think I will keep my tidal account because I really want to keep listening to Kanye and hear his new edits,” Keiran Simunovic ‘16 said. “But I hope Kanye reconsiders his decision though.”