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The PSAT is important


By Isabella Bullock ’19

The PSAT is known to help prepare students for the SAT, and all high school students who are looking to improve their scores should take it. It’s main purpose is to give students an idea of what their test scores will be like, with minimum to no studying, so that students know where they need to improve.

“I think it is very worthwhile for juniors to take the PSAT. It’s a great practice test and helps students become familiar with the SAT,” Leslie Hammer, a Staples guidance counselor, said.  “It also gives students the ability to access personalized SAT test prep content online through the College Board and Khan Academy.”

The PSAT is a very important test, and I agree with Hammer on her take on it, because it is an opportunity for students to see what the test is like. However many students are being told to study for the test once they reach middle school in order to prepare them for the SAT, which I find completely ridiculous.

Though the PSAT is extremely important to take, students should not study for it because it is supposed to show what students should work on. This also affects their test scores, because students, want to view their PSAT scores, to know what they need to work on, an if they studied they might not have a clear idea of what is wrong.

According to Kaitlin Mulhere, the author of SAT Scores Take a Dip, the national SAT average was just over 1,000, and the national PSAT average in 2016 was 970 according to The College Board.

This information shows how the SAT scores are better than the PSAT scores, and the PSAT is definitely a contributing factor to bettering of students SAT scores.

The scores also show how knowing the format of the PSAT can and will help when studying for the SAT, because the national test scores are significantly higher on average, which gives students a sense of security.

Overall, testing is an extremely stressful process, and by taking the PSAT it can relieve some of that stress, because of the reassurance the test offers.

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