Bridgeport shooting takes life of adolescent boy


Mia Daignault, Staff Writer

A 12-year-old boy was shot and killed in Bridgeport on Tuesday, Dec. 18, according to recent news reports from NBC Connecticut.

Clinton Howell, a seventh-grader at Bridge Academy, was walking home from a corner store around 9 pm and was shot twice in front of his home. Howell was rushed to the hospital where he was subsequently pronounced dead.

Staples student Charlie Kremens ’20 was upset by this news. “It was one that we will never forget. The tragedy and violence that occurred is just another representation of the gun violence in America and how it needs to stop. The current administration isn’t doing everything necessary to prevent this violence and in turn, is harming its people with its negligence.”

NBC reports that investigations took place and evidence has determined a person of interest. The Bridgeport Police do not believe Howell was the intended target of this event, rather that Howell was walking with someone who may have been the target.

“As he was coming up the steps, someone came by and just started shooting and two of the bullets hit him and he ended up just falling inside the house on the floor,” Gamel Dawkins, Howell’s brother, told NBC Connecticut.

Howell attended Bridge Academy in Bridgeport and “was a friend to everyone,” Denise Moller, a teacher from the school, also told NBC Connecticut. This event was the city’s 11th homicide of 2018, according to Connecticut Post. Dawkins has set up a Go Fund me Page to help pay for funeral expenses.

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