P!nk returns with hot new album

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By Jack Shapiro ’19

P!nk, the three-time Grammy winning artist has returned back to the spotlight with her new hot album “Beautiful Trauma.”
In June P!nk confirmed that she was releasing her new album in October of 2017 and that she would be going on tour throughout North America.
P!nk said her album got its title because life is both beautiful and traumatic.
P!nk first released a single from the album “What About Us.” The single reached the top-15 on Billboard’s Hot 100, mainly due to the fact that she was able to promote the track many months in advance.
“I like how it’s got a beat like today’s music but it stays true to Pink’s type of music which is a combination of rock and pop while also telling a story,” Jake Thaw ’20 said.
The other song receiving lots of attention off the album is P!nk’s collaboration with Eminem. “Revenge” is an exciting, entertaining and amusing song to rock out to. The beat in the background mixed with P!nk’s funny lyrics results in a great track and possibly one of her best songs.
“I’m a big fan of P!nk and Eminem,” Oliver Lindenbaum ’19 said. “It’s really catchy and the lyrics are funny, plus there is no beating a collaboration with Eminem.”
Although P!nk might not have many chart toppers, the album does feature more admirable and deep tracks. “Beautiful Trauma” starts off slow but speeds up as the song progresses. It also delivers powerful lyrics and a strong chorus that helps propel this track.
“Better Life” is another song on “Beautiful Trauma” that hasn’t received lots of attention. It is another catchy song with a cool background melody coming from P!nk and a slow beat to support her.
Even though there are many songs that keep this album afloat, there are some that are a swing and a miss. “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken” is one of them. P!nk slows down the tempo and doesn’t sound her normal self.
“Barbies” is another track on “Beautiful Trauma” that doesn’t quite seem right. After hearing P!nk’s old tracks such as “Raise Your Glass” and “So What” I feel as if P!nk should try and stick with the upbeat songs.
One thing is for sure though, and that is P!nk has returned. After not releasing an album since 2012, P!nk has resurfaced and is back in the music world.

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