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[Nov. 2016 Features] Westport Yarns offers stress relief

November 23, 2016

By Daniel Harizman ’19   Westport Yarns, the small local yarn store located at 582 Post Road East, owned by Beth Schaefer, has been around for just over a decade. The small business aims to raise awareness of the many benefits of knitting. Run by owner Beth Schaefer and her quartet, ...

[Nov. 2016 Features] Students flock to thrift shops seeking one-of-a-kind styles

November 23, 2016

By Channing Smith '17   It’s last year’s sweater. A scarf your grandma gave as a birthday gift which you pretended you liked. Jeans which now don’t even stretch to your ankles. A sweatshirt that’s been sitting at the bottom of your closet for years. It’s someone else’s treasure. Thrift...

[Nov. 2016 Features] Tasty delights–students whip up culinary masterpieces

November 23, 2016

By Tori Lubin ’18   While the art of eating sweets may not be a challenge for most, the art of baking is a technique perfected by a select few. Seth McCoy ’19, Agnes Holm ’19 and Abby Turner ’18 are among those in this exclusive group of the baking elite. Seth McCoy “I was...

[Nov. 2016 Features] Meme group exposes Westport’s cyber bigotry

November 23, 2016

By Claire Dinshaw '17 and Becky Hoving '17   *names have been changed. Dan* never expected a seemingly harmless secret Facebook group to be that big of a deal. Soon enough, however, the once private Facebook “Staples Meme Group” became a vehicle for derogatory comments. “...

[Nov. 2016 Features] Evan: A woman of many talents leaves her mark

November 23, 2016

By Megan Doyle ’18   While Fran Evan is technically the paraprofessional  for the English and social studies departments, in the Staples community, she serves as so much more.  Writer, artist and British history enthusiast are all ways to describe Evan. Evan has enjoyed the past 13 years,...

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