Sochi’s Excitement and Upsets

Will Dumke, Staff Writer

The Olympic games have been full of surprises and upsets for the American team. However, with another week ahead, the United States has many chances to get on the podium.

The games for the U.S started out strong when the figure skating teams (pair) won bronze and snowboarder, Sage Kotensburg, won gold in the men’s snowboard slopestyle on Saturday, Feb. 9.

The games continued to look up for our country when female snowboarder, Jamie Anderson, scored an astonishing 95.25 in the ladies snowboard slopestyle, winning the event on Sunday, Feb. 10.

On the same day, the the figure skating team won bronze in the free dance competition, placing behind Canada and Russia. Even with the bronze, this event was one of the most entertaining, as viewers everywhere witnessed Julia Lipnitskaya’s (Russia) incredible performance.

The first upset to the U.S happened on Sunday during the men’s downhill alpine skiing race. Bode Miller, the American favorite, failed to get in on the podium. In fact, he ended up finishing in eighth. Nonetheless, Miller has another chance to win gold on Friday during the men’s super combined alpine skiing competition.

The next major upset fell on Tuesday Feb. 11 during the men’s snowboarding halfpipe competition. Shaun White, another U.S favorite, was unsuccessful, finishing in fourth.

This did not set back the women in the ladies snowboarding halfpipe as Kaitlyn Farrington won gold and Kelly Clark won bronze on Wednesday Feb. 12.

On Thursday Feb 13., the men’s ski team swept the podium. With Josh Christensen winning gold, Gus Kenworthy winning silver, and Nick Goepper winning bronze, the U.S ski team was in very happy spirits.

The games have been full of excitement so far and there are still many chances for team USA to get on the podium in Sochi.