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Tuesday, April 26, 2011 l The way they roll

April 26, 2011

10:20 a.m. The period 3 Child Development class plays outside on a surprisingly sunny day.

January 4, 2011 | Slippin' Around

January 4, 2011

10:25 a.m. Riley McDonald ’12 cautiously treads over the icy ground as he makes his way back into the school through the courtyard. The chilly weather has caused pockets of ice to form around campus....

To Change or Not to Change

December 13, 2010
Although the renovation's original plans included re-doing the boys locker-room, changes have yet to be made.

Has This Flame Burned Out?

December 13, 2010
Caitlyn Rand '13 reflects on her most recent Hanukkah experience.

Volunteer Doctor in Haiti Speaks to Students in LLC

December 6, 2010
Belly Eleck speaks to students about the time she spent in Haiti and Guatmala.

Red and Whites?

December 3, 2010
What were the cutest ways to ask to Red and Whites? Find out here!

Students Utilize YouTube to Promote Talent

December 3, 2010
Staples students have utilized YouTube to express themselves online.

My Apologies to Wakeman

November 29, 2010
Eric Essagof '12 gives an account of the experiences he had when he couldn't park at Wakeman while it was being paved.

Breaking News: Apollo Moon Landings Not Filmed in Nevada Desert!

November 12, 2010
Julian Clarke '12 discusses his views on the belief by some that the Apollo moon landings were fake.

Dress to Impress Whom?

November 12, 2010
Julia Friedman '11 expresses her views on risqué halloween costumes.

Looking on the Bright Side: Members of Club Green take pride in finished solar panels at Staples

November 12, 2010
Cheyenne Haslett ’13 recaps Club Green's recent accomplishments.

Jock Talk: The Wild FCIAC Playoff Picture

November 12, 2010
Julian Clarke '12 examines what the Staples Wreckers must do to make it to next Friday's FCIAC championship game for the second year in a row.

Q and A with Donald O'Day, Voted to Keep Arena

November 3, 2010
The debate over whether or not Arena should be cut has been an ongoing and complicated issue.
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