Dress to Impress Whom?

Dress to Impress Whom?

Julia Friedman ’11
Staff Writer

Graphic by Connie Zhou '12

When I was a little girl Halloween was about dressing up like a fairy princess and trick or treating. This year it was about dressing up like a slut and getting wasted.

I really don’t understand why or how this dress code for teens and young adults came about on this holiday. Actually, I don’t understand how it came about at all.

What is the point of dressing like a slut?

I think one of the hardest parts about being a teenage girl is that you’re always trying to impress other people. Girls are constantly concerned about what others think about them because in high school everyone judges everyone else. Therefore, girls are very conscious in their choice of clothing.

Westport is a pretty wealthy town. That’s an understatement. Actually, it’s one of the wealthiest towns in the country. Therefore when I came to school and saw some of the outfits, I felt like I was at a fashion show.

Girls wear designer jeans and designer blouses and have designer shoes and designer handbags and designer everything else. One of my friends recently told me she was sporting a $200 pair of jeans.

Girls dress fashionably to impress others. The thing is though, is that boys couldn’t care less about which brand name you’re wearing or how expensive yours heels are. Girls care about that. Therefore girls dress this way to impress other girls.

Now we can talk about the other way girls attract attention via clothes… or lack thereof.

Every girl in high school wants to be liked by a boy. Not as a friend but as something more. They want to be noticed. And therefore they try and give guys what they think guys want–sex appeal.

I think every girl wants to feel sexy and be told that she is sexy. That is the ultimate goal.

Therefore when a girl dresses provocatively she’s doing it to impress a guy.

The entire point of Halloween is wear the least amount of clothes as possible and then to drink as much as possible. What does that combination seem like to you?

The basis for the holiday is for girls to be easy. And honestly I find that rather disturbing.

I find it disturbing that girls feel the need to demean themselves and lower themselves simply to gain the attention of a guy.

The problem lies however not just in the minds of the girls who dress this way, but in our society as high schoolers.

Like I made clear before, high school is a judgmental place. Maybe if girls didn’t feel like their every move and outfit was being judged, they wouldn’t have to lower themselves to these standards.