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What’s up with that

What’s up with that

Becky Hoving, Staff Writer

March 31, 2015

Sleep is weird. For seven hours-- or more if you’re lucky-- you lay on a special rectangle, shades drawn, blankets and pillows arranged to perfection, sometimes even with specific relaxing music or a silky sleep mask over your eyes. For all these hours, you lay still, without need to go to the bathr...

You snooze, you win?

Alexa Davis, Staff Writer

October 6, 2014

As soon as the first alarm clock sounds, it seems as if every teenager instinctively slams the snooze button, yearning to get those few extra minutes of sleep before the long day of school begins. The students’ sleepiness drags into the day, affecting the way kids perform in school and after school...

School start time changes prompt discussion

School start time changes prompt discussion

Kacey Hertan, Business Manager

September 19, 2014

If you’ve never given in to the temptation of catching a few minutes of rest in the back of a dim classroom first period, you probably drink too much caffeine. According to the Center for Advancing Health, only 8 percent of high schoolers get enough sleep on the average school night. The new 15...

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