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Alexa Davis
Alexa Davis ’15 is the definition of a people-person. Her summer says it all: interning at a Public Relations firm, coaching kids gymnastics at the YMCA, and bonding with her team at cheer camp.

As a senior, Davis was drawn to Inklings because it seemed like a place where her personality would thrive.

On top of that, English was her favorite class, and she loved writing, reading, and hearing other people’s opinions. Inklings, which incorporated all of these characteristics, seemed like the perfect match. “I really like the interviewing process in particular because it lets you connect and interact with other people,” Davis added.

Not surprising for a competitive cheerleader who has been on the Staples cheer team for 4 years, Davis is drawn to writing for the sports section. “I always go right to the sports section when reading Inklings, so I’m excited to try writing sports articles,” Davis said.

At the internship she had at the University of California in Los Angeles working for a Public Relations firm over the summer, Davis said her least favorite thing was all the time she spent on the computer. “I’d much rather be interacting with other people than on the computer all the time,” Davis said. For this reason, Davis is excited to be a staff writer and participate in Inklings this year because it is the exact opposite, full of interactions with people through interviews.

Inklings will only add to Davis’ senior year experience, which she describes as both ‘exciting’ and ‘scary’ so far.

Alexa Davis, Staff Writer

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Alexa Davis