Top four places to get warm beverages


Alexa Davis, Staff Writer

The changing weather brings much more than the outfit swaps and the long, cold nights. If you’re a fan of the fall, then you know that warm beverages are as essential to the fall outfit as a scarf or a light sweater.The debate about where you can get the best warm beverages has been on going for as long as I can remember, and I am here to tell you the best of the best places to go to get them.

1. Starbucks is a classic favorite, selling the common coffee drinks that people easily become addicted to. The Chai Tea Latte is like Christmas in a cup. It is a fan favorite and its cinnamon flavor crawling through your taste buds will make a lasting impression and keep you yearning for more.

2. Dunkin Donuts consistently puts a smile on my face as soon as I walk into the small compacted coffee shop. The pumpkin donuts and the spooky Halloween decorations add a touch to the scenery, as does the beverage menu. The hot chocolate there is the best if you’re looking for a warm, chocolatey sensation for a cold night in October.

3. David’s Tea consists of the most stylish teas in Westport. The flavors begin with the classic mint, and range from birthday cake, snickerdoodle, pumpkin chai, to watermelon mint. The unique menu may overwhelm you when you first walk in, but the tiny store downtown brings a sense of warmth and happiness and leaves you filled with holiday spirit.

4. But sometimes, the best beverages come from the very own comfort of your home. Being able to sit on a couch and watch your favorite movie while sipping on your favorite drink is something that no coffee place can leave you feeling. I dont know about you, but I know my mom makes the best warm milk. A traditional Martha’s Vineyard mug sits in the microwave and what comes out? A beautiful creation of warm milk that will leave your stomach singing. Simple yet effective, warm homemade milk is the best part about the cold atmosphere in the fall.