Froyo Obsession Continues


Alexa Davis, Staff Writer

For someone who has had a “froyo” obsession since the eighth grade, the news of the new frozen yogurt machine coming to the Staples cafeteria was the best thing I could have asked for.

As soon as the signs of the new frozen yogurt epidemic hung around the hallways, the countdown began as to when the machines would be up and running in the cafeteria.

April 20, 2015: stepping into the cafeteria and seeing the green and purple large machines sparked commotion in the busy lunch lines.

I swirled some vanilla froyo, as opposed to the chocolate flavor, into one of the small testing cups and took a small tasting.

School froyo can mean one of two things. Either it’s made of fake sugar and is disgusting, or students will drool over the fact that they can get a sugary treat during the school day.

I actually enjoyed the way it tasted. It wasn’t tart yogurt, which I tend to like better than normal frozen yogurt, but it had a sweet, savory taste which I enjoyed. For school froyo, this stuff is legit.

The timing of the arrival couldn’t be more perfect. The temperature is getting warmer and students yearn for an icy delight to cool them off.

There’s also numerous amounts of toppings such as chocolate chips, strawberries, and oreos to add more flavor to your sweet treat.

So if you’re near the cafeteria and still haven’t had a chance to try the new frozen yogurt machine, give it a try. School food these days is not as bad as it may seem.