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How to manage your stress during AP and finals week


This time of year, with AP tests and finals around the corner, can feel overwhelming for a lot of students. Trust me, I know how it feels to be overwhelmed; right now it’s 11:30 p.m. on a Sunday night and I still have a ton of studying to do for my AP Biology final and my eyes are fighting to stay open. However, you can fight the stress and overcome it with these helpful tips.

1) Exercise

Admit it: you would love to take a nap right now after staying up till 2 a.m. studying for your final exam. Taking a quick 30-minute walk around the neighborhood (you can take your furry companion with you if you own one) can make you feel invigorated. I hate to exercise, and now I’m trying to make this my daily routine. According to the Mayo Clinic, physical activity can help trigger chemicals in the brain that make you feel good, and during finals week, you’ll want to feel good.

2) Eat Healthy

For some of us we engage in “emotional eating,” which is defined as “consuming large quantities of food-usually ‘comfort or junk foods’-in response to feelings instead of hunger.” Fight the urge to eat that big tub of ice cream in the freezer and opt for foods high in fiber and low in saturated fat, such as tomatoes or rasberries.

3) Talk to someone

I know when I bottle up my emotions I feel more upset than if I were to just talk it out. I recommend talking to a friend, a teacher, a parent, or even your dog. Let all your feelings spill out. I feel so much better after talking to someone or something .

Hopefully, these tips help you manage your stress and get through the rough AP tests and finals. And once it’s over, you can enjoy a scoop of ice cream and binge-view your favorite television show to celebrate.

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