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Passengers drives away from typical science fiction


By Ashton Dedona ’17


With a countless array of movies to choose from this month, Passengers stood out the most. I am not the biggest sci fi fan, however, Passengers steered clear from the typical outer space themed movie.

Aurora, played by Jennifer Lawrence, and Jim, played by Chris Pratt, made the perfect duo to fly 120 years together to a new planet. Having both starred in action movies before, both Lawrence and Pratt exceeded expectations for their roles.

Having left their old lives behind, the original plan for the two, along with other passengers and crew members, was to start a new life for themselves once they arrived somewhere outside of earth.

As a movie taking place on another planet might seem cliche, Passengers focused more on the characters rather than the location, making it different than other science fiction movies.

However, being on the ship the entirety of the movie made it a little less interesting than other sci fi films.

All of the passengers were placed in hibernation pods, allowing them to sleep until they landed, except for when Aurora and Jim wake up 90 years too early.

The mystery of what happened to them and how they will survive 90 more years in space created a great deal of suspense.

The movie included many special effects such as robots, gravitational pull and 3D screens, causing me to be wowed in some scenes.

As the two grew a relationship throughout the movie trying to pass the next 90 years, the movie had aspects of both romance and fantasy.

Although there were some parts throughout the middle of the movie that were not as intriguing as others, action levels started to rise towards the end.

The final scene of the movie was filled with mixed emotions. This was when viewers finally find out what happens after the 90 years go by.


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