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‘Enola Holmes’ empowers girls of all ages

Actress Milly Bobby Brown stars as Enola Holmes, the main character of the new Netflix movie.

Lucy Zuckerman ’22

October 16, 2020

“Enola Holmes,” released Sept. 23 to the streaming platform Netflix, incorporates underlying stories of independence and love, both romantic and familial. The movie is based on the series of young adult novels, “The Enola Holmes Mysteries” by Nancy Springer.  Enola Holmes is Sherlock Holmes...

Passengers drives away from typical science fiction

Passengers drives away from typical science fiction

January 11, 2017

By Ashton Dedona '17   With a countless array of movies to choose from this month, Passengers stood out the most. I am not the biggest sci fi fan, however, Passengers steered clear from the typical outer space themed movie. Aurora, played by Jennifer Lawrence, and Jim, played by Chris Pratt, made the perfect duo to fly 120 years t...

Reeling in the Hunger Games fans

Reeling in the Hunger Games fans

Tayor Burg, Staff Writer

December 2, 2013

Books are great, but turning them into movies is always a risk. Movies that are based off of books often get a lot of praise or a lot of criticism. Gabby Perry ’16 likes being able to watch a movie she read as a book. “It’s fun to see it on a TV screen and see it all happen. And I like to see...

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