The battle of the taco bars: Bodega vs. Bartaco


Bodega and Bartaco. Sound the same? Trust me, these two iconic Mexican restaurants in Fairfield and Westport seem to be crowd pleasers, but for their own unique reasons. Each vibe they bring to their town are completely different. So, which one will you choose?

In order to make your decision in the most accurate way is to go and eat their yourself, but if you haven’t, the insight that will be shared will make the decision quite clear to you.

First, let’s start home with Bartaco. The food never fails to please, but waiting to get a table with the severely long lines (especially on weekends and summer) can be aggravating. If you get as far as getting a table, then the whole Bartaco experience is a breeze. You fill out a fun little form to order the food you wish on the menu and put it on a stand for the waiter to receive.

I recommend the chicken taco for something basic, and the grilled corn to start. The chopped salad is spectacular, only if you’re feeling luxurious and are willing to pay the six bucks for it. DON’T miss the ice cream at the end, for it comes in a sweet sugar cone with creamy, delectable ice cream. The venue on a warm summer night makes you realize the true beauty of Westport… and the price you pay to get it.

When I asked Annie Haroun ’16 which Mexican restaurant she prefered (Bartaco or Bodega), it was obvious, “Bartaco. I like the restaurant better and think they are more efficient with service. Also you have to be 21 to go to Bodega alone without parents for dinner.”

Another staples student added, “I love the atmosphere of Bartaco, and scenery overlooking the water. Many restaurants in Westport don’t offer the venue Bartaco has, and the fact that I live so close to it is amazing,” Kelley Flynn ’18 said, clearly a Bartaco fanatic.

Bodega located in Fairfield is truly its own little gem. With no reservations it can be difficult to get in because the restaurant is so tiny, but the chips and guacamole are exceptional. My go to order on the menu is the simplest, but hands down my favorite. The name, “Taco Americano” says it all. Complemented by seasoned ground beef, manchego cheese and salsa rusa the flavors enhance each bite, Bartaco doesn’t come close to the colorful and rich flavors Bodega offers in there tacos. I usually get it in a lettuce wrap. The service is wonderful and the atmosphere is tight but festive.

“Bodega because they have more options to order, and a constantly changing menu,” Paul Friezo ’17 said.

All in all if you choose to go to any of these fine Mexican restaurants you will not be disappointed. Bodega prides themselves on authentic Mexican fare, but also offers unique specialty dishes which is always worth ordering. Bartaco with its lovely location has an evergreen menu. What is expected on the menu is one of the reasons people flock their. Bodega is my pick, due to its authenticity, buzzing atmosphere and mouth watering tacos. Adios amigos.