Upcoming Concerts Offer Variety, Entertainment


Jackson Livingstone, Staff Writer

As the winter season slowly comes to an end, many Staples students will be looking for new forms of entertainment to get them through the remaining weeks of cold. For many this will lead them in search of the various concerts and performances that populate not only Connecticut, but nearby New York as well. Marked by diversity of not only genre but also price, these upcoming concerts are sure to offer a little something for everyone.

Artist: Louis the Child
Date: March 11th
Location: Terminal 5, New York
Cost: $29.50

Offering a brand of electronic dance music that has become increasingly popular in recent years, Louis the Child at Terminal 5 offers a cheap alternative to much more expensive electric festivals. Just off of 11th Avenue in Manhattan, the venue offers five floors overlooking the main dance floor, each with their own distinct environment that help liven the scene no matter what genre of music is being performed. “Terminal 5 has always been a favorite of mine, it’s easy to access from Westport and is always really fun,” Keiran Simunovic ’16 said, adding that, “Louis the Child at that price is a huge bargain.

Artist: Bruce Springsteen
Date: March 28th
Location: Madison Square Garden, New York
Cost: $250

A more expensive alternative to various EDM concerts, Bruce Springsteen playing at Madison Square Garden is an experience that any classic rock fan simply can’t miss, regardless of the price tag. Located at the “world’s most famous arena”, navigation to and from the venue couldn’t be easier, while accommodations inside are top notch. While the environment will be far more relaxed than an electric rave or other concert, purely the nostalgic value of the performer is enough for some people to buy in. “Bruce is an all time great, this kind of opportunity to see him live in concert at an amazing venue is too good to pass up,” Ben Harizman ’17 said.

Artist: Rihanna
Date: March 26th
Location: XL Center, New Haven
Cost: $64

Offering a world class performance at middle of the pack cost, this concert offers a lot for a variety of music fans. Rihanna’s musical style can appeal to all ages, mixing pre-teen pop stardom with the edginess that makes her a favorite among older crowds. Located conveniently off of I-95 in New Haven, the location is ideal, with a multi-tiered stadium type feel ensuring that everyone gets a good view of the performance. “The fact that Rihanna is coming so close to Westport is awesome, she’s such a good performer that it’s a really cool opportunity to see her live in concert,” Sophia Stanley ’16 said.