B.good refreshes Fairfield County food scene

B.good has been open since Aug. 29, or just over four months.

B.good has been open since Aug. 29, or just over four months.

Kaila Finn, Web News Editor

Amidst a plethora of healthy restaurants boasting tempe, bee pollen and avocado, I’d begun to lose faith in the healthy food trend until I found b.good, located at 1460 Post Rd. in Fairfield.

While b.good doesn’t market itself as exclusively a health food restaurant, it’s mission is to make wholesome, “real food.” According to the restaurant’s website, b.good started with the dream of two cousins who wanted to eat fast food, but not feel gross after.

This goal, combined with their desire to share their Uncle Faris’s wholesome, homemade dishes, birthed the b.good chain that now resides in many towns down the East Coast.

As Steve Hourihan summarized b.good in a recent interview, “By using real ingredients, made by real people not factories, our food makes you feel good about eating it.”

Their motto truly does come through in the food. I tried the Curry and Avocado Quinoa Bowl, the Kale Crush smoothie, and a seasonal Three Bean Chili. The quinoa bowl was studded with kale, cauliflower, sauteed veggies, spicy curry, mint-yogurt sauce, making it a combination of flavors with I would have never through to try. Being a green-smoothie drinker myself, I was impressed with the perfectly thick texture, although it was slightly too sweet for me. Finally, the chili was surprisingly light, yet hearty.

The b.good menu features other filling, yet feel-good options like sandwich and burger flavors curiously named Adopted Luke and Cousin Oliver, intriguing salad creations, and kale bowls.

The other part of their goal is to source mostly local ingredients. For example, Hourihan explained that he closely works with “b.good Head Chef Tony Rosenfield and the produce distributor Fresh Point. We look for sustainable family farms and producers that believe in humanely producing natural food.”

This wholesome, feel-good eatery is a new health hotspot for Fairfield students. B.good employee Chelsea Robinson describes it as a “great hangout place, especially on half-days and days off.” While right now “the atmosphere brings a lot of families,” it is certainly a place that health-conscious Staples students would enjoy.

Beyond the integrity of the food, b.good is a place that you feel good walking out of after your meal.

You leave thinking about the words of Uncle Farris, “take it easy, live life and be good!”