Justin Releases his Album with a “Purpose”

Justin Releases his Album with a  “Purpose”

Hannah Bjorkman, Staff Writer

With the release of Justin Bieber’s new album “Purpose,” it has caused many Bieber fans to fall in love with him all over again. The new album aims to represent the mature Justin Bieber, not the teen idol poster boy.

Justin has had a tough couple of years trying to find himself, due to the fact that fame has taken over his life at a young age.

The new album Purpose features songs about past break ups, and showcases to the world that Justin has full control over his future, and a promising song career. His past albums have all been successes, but for Justin this album wasn’t for his fans, it was for himself.

On iTunes top ten hit singles, three of them are Justin’s hits from his album; including “Sorry,” “Love yourself,” and “What do you mean.”
“Sorry” has a nice chorus like “What do you mean” which was released as a single late in Aug., but is on the more serious side and has a message behind it. It is as if he apologizing for his past misdeeds all through his song lyrics.

“Love yourself” was co produced with Ed Sheeran, and Benny Blanco, which makes sense, by the choice of featuring intimate acoustic soundings. His songs aren’t so teenage driven. There is a new era of Justin. And that is the semi adult one.

“Sorry” has received a lot of attention due to the fact that there was a whole music video featured with it. Many people during Halloween this year saw a call to action to decide to dress like the women in the music video. They were dressed like the 90’s, with basketball jerseys, gold chains, and completing the the outfit, adidas sneakers.

Most of the songs on his album are more upbeat and fast paced, best for letting loose on the dance floor. The girls varsity soccer team danced proudly to “What do you mean” during the pep rally.

Now 21, Justin has redeemed himself from his public misdeeds. As he stated in an interview with Billboard in early November, “ I was too close to letting fame destroy me”.

The songs on the album are almost apologetic, and consist a new attitude, for the way Justin is going to move forward from this.
This is his fourth studio album by Def Jam recordings, It seems Justin is rewriting his life as a young adult.