Avicii’s new album is telling a different story

Avicii’s new album is telling a different story

Lauren Stack, Staff Writer

Swedish DJ, Tim Bergling, also known by his stage name Avicii, released his new album “Stories” on October 2,2015.  Avicii is most commonly known for his album “True” which came out in September of 2013. “True” contains chart topping songs like “Wake me up,” “You make me” and “Hey Brother.” All of these songs swept across the nation and set new standards for electronic dance music.

“‘True’ was the best,”  Sulaimaan Adil ’18 said. “When it first came out I couldn’t stop listening, to the point where I knew every song by heart. The songs were perfect for before games to get the team pumped up.”

“Stories” is slightly more slow paced than “True” because it includes songs with a more dark and slow beat, when compared to other dance/party songs. For example, the song “Broken Arrows” starts off with a slow tempo then has a gradual build up to a faster beat. Avicii’s previous songs are all famous for having a constant fast paced and upbeat tempo from start to finish.

“I was a little skeptical of the song “Broken Arrows” because Avicii had never done that kind of song with and band like The Zac Brown Band,” Katherine Coogan ’17 said “But it is actually amazing. It’s my favorite song right now.”

One of the lyrics of “Broken Arrows” is “I’ve seen the darkness in the light, the kind of blue that leaves you lost and blind.”

This lyric portrays the mood of the whole album perfectly. It shows the much more serious and personal side to Avicii’s songs that was shown throughout the whole album. Yet, the darker aspects of the lyrics also has a glimpse of hope and positivity, making a balance between the two.

Avicii does a really good job in his new album balancing the beat of the song which makes them have much more depth than one’s prior. It is clear that “Stories” took a lot of time and effort to produce, Avicii even tweeted about how the album took over two years to make.

The new album contains songs that take on a slightly new approach to club music. The individual songs feature artists from many different genres which helps give each song its own personality. The different artists that he worked with are Mike Posner, Gavin Degraw, Zac Brown Band, Chris Martin and Matisyahu. Each song has its own rhythm and beat depending on the artist that assisted in producing  the track.

“I love Avicii’s new album,” Luka Autard ’17 said. “It’s so different from past ones, but in a really good way. It’s kind of hard to explain.”
This original quality can be extremely challenging to achieve for an album like “Stories,”x but Avicii was able to present this throughout each song, making the album as a whole diverse yet connected. Avicii’s ability to blend and produce music is unique and gives his music a personal touch that many lack. This truly lets each song tell their own story.