Staples students rave over Organic Market

Staples students rave over Organic Market

Gabrielle Feinsmith, Sports Editor

It’s no secret that students value a healthy diet. A balanced meal and refraining from processed foods are essential to be in tip-top shape. On 285 Post Road E, there appears to be a hot commodity that everyone is gushing over.

Some call it Organic Market and others refer to it as the holy grail of healthy food.

“I love organic market because it’s the perfect balance of healthy and tasty. It’s the best quality out there,” Oliver Bub ’16 said.

Increases in healthy eating aren’t shocking considering the alarming consequences of bad nutrition.

According to President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, “A poor diet is associated with major health risks. These include heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and certain types of cancer.”

Students are turning to Organic Market to remain healthy.

“The purpose of Organic Market is to avoid genetically modified foods,” Richelle Luedee, the manager of Organic Market, said.

Organic Market is unlike any other food store in town. As you walk in, an aroma of herbs fill the air guiding you to the array of fresh food.

In the back there’s a lunch counter with people huddled around, eager to place their order. For those who don’t like waiting, there’s a refrigerator next to the counter filled with delicious snacks such as, marinated tofu, avocado and quinoa, chicken salad etc.

“When I feel the need to eat healthy I know I can just swing by Organic Market and have the best nutritious meal,” Christina Dear ’17 said.

Organic Market isn’t a new addition to the Westport community. The beloved store has been around for 45 years.

“I think it’s so popular because all the food is made on the premises and it’s fresh everyday. We’re a real staple in the community,” Luedee said.