Brett Kavanaugh should not be confirmed


By Jack Lev ’20


Attorney and jurist Brett Kavanaugh is currently being considered for confirmation into the Supreme Court. As the hearings go on, one thing has become clear: regardless of whether Kavanaugh did or did not commit sexual assault, he shouldn’t be allowed a seat as a Supreme Court justice for the sake of this country.

Throughout the confirmation hearings, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has given an emotionally moving testimony in which she alleges Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a party when they were both in high school. After listening to Dr. Ford’s statement, it’s hard to not side with her.

But I side with her not merely for moral reasons.  Kavanaugh should not be a Supreme Court justice because he is unworthy of the appointment.

To begin, I believe Kavanaugh has made a weak case; his defenders have refused to allow a thorough investigation into the incident (showing his fear of what may come out), he has come close to (if he hasn’t already) committing perjury and the fact of the matter is, the Supreme Court should be an organization American citizens trust and believe in. If Kavanaugh is confirmed, one-third of the males on the Court will have been accused of sexual misconduct.  

After evaluating the situation, it comes down to the fact that America needs to come together and unify in times like these, not divide further. However, I would say it’s a near-impossible task to unify a country of people who have a president that has faced at least a dozen allegations of sexual assault who wants to appoint a second Supreme Court Justice that has been credibly accused of sexual misconduct.

Therefore, in order to maintain the integrity and credibility of the Supreme Court, Kavanaugh cannot be confirmed.