Pinkberry of Westport suddenly shuts down cold

A disaster of delicious proportions will be swirling through Westport tomorrow, June 10, when Pinkberry, a froyo fan-favorite located at 111 Post Road East which opened in January 2013 to widespread excitement, will be halting all levers, ceasing all sprinkles, and closing its doors for good.

Devotees to the frozen confection and avid instagramers all throughout Westport are already shaken by the news, announced to employees this evening.

Alexandra Hooper ’15, a Pinkberry employee of roughly two months, was told by her co-worker, manager-in-training Greg Kabasakalian, that Westport Pinkberry would be closing as of tomorrow.

“I didn’t see it coming at all,” Hooper said. “But I’m so upset because I loved working there, it was so fun and it’s so sad that we’re closing.”

Hooper believes Westport residents will be equally dismayed by the changes, and reported that the store had already received several distressed calls today on the subject.

“One girl who sounded really young even sounded like she was going to cry,” she said.\

As of now, the reason behind the store’s abrupt shutdown is unclear, but Hooper will be part of a conference call with all employees tomorrow that she believes will reveal the answer.

Whatever the reason may be, Westport residents everywhere are rattled by the news.

“I enjoyed going there to get frozen yogurt or shakes whenever I felt like it, and it’s strange to see it go,” Graham Guidis ’16, a big fan of Pinkberry’s chocolate chip shake, said.

Others, however, never really saw the appeal of Pinkberry, and don’t view its closing as a loss.

“It’s so expensive for such a small amount of froyo. I feel like it’s a rip-off, and the yogurt isn’t even that good,” Maggie Fair ’15 said.

But for those who loved the tart and tangy yogurts, vast variety of toppings and succulent sauces Pinkberry had to offer, the closing has had devastating effects.

“Pinkberry was my lifeline, and having it [close] seriously jeopardizes my safety and the safety of others,” a distressed Olivia Jones ’15 said.