Featured Athlete: Jessie Ambrose, the Last Line

Featured Athlete: Jessie Ambrose, the Last Line

Ambrose deflects a missile-like shot headed for the upper goalpost. Photo contributed by Jessie Ambrose.

They shoot, she saves.

That is the typical series of events for Jessie Ambrose ‘12, who plays goalie for the varsity girl’s soccer team.

However, during a tough battle versus Greenwich on October 5th, Ambrose managed to change the game. With less than a minute left before the final whistle, the quad-captain came racing down the field.

“As a goalie, I knew that I was being no help to my team just hanging back at my goal, ” Ambrose said.

Alexandra Wiener ’12 passed the ball to the 18-yard line and there stood Ambrose, who headed the ball straight into the back of the net, tying up the game. The score remained at 2-2 for the last 30 seconds or so, until Ambrose then blocked a shot that could have cost the Lady Wreckers the well-earned tie.

Although this was her only goal of the season, Jessie Ambrose has been a consistently reliable goal-keeper throughout her 3 year varsity career with the Lady Wreckers.

During this time, Ambrose has seen both the highs and lows of the soccer team.

“Playing goalie is really great. Even though it’s hard to lose, winning a really close game is one of the best feelings in the world.”

However, soccer is not the only sport that the senior excels in. Last year Ambrose was voted “1st Team, All-FCIAC” in girl’s lacrosse. In lacrosse she plays mid-field, which is a complete 180 from her job as a goalie.

“Soccer is very different from lacrosse because the games are so much closer, and on any given day either team can win,” Ambrose said.

Although she has been playing soccer for many years, the end of the 2011-2012 season also marks the end of Ambrose’s soccer career. She will focus more on lacrosse and go on to play at the college level next year.

Right now, Ambrose and the rest of the Lady Wreckers are preparing for some difficult match ups. On October 14th the team will face Darien at Loeffler field, with big games against Westhill, Wilton, and New Caanan coming up as well.

Ambrose, however, still remains confident. “We had some issues in the beginning of the season which we worked out so I think that the end of our season should be a huge change from the beginning.”