Girls’ softball succumbs to defeat against New Canaan


Staples huddles up for a game plan as the Wreckers head to their final 3 outs

Chris Andrews ’18 and Jacob Kogan ’18

Emily Stone ’20 winds up to pitch as the infield stands in ready position
Emily Stone ’20 swings at the ball as the crowd looks on
Taylor Rochlin ’18 takes a shot at the ball as her teammates cheer for her from the dugout
Staples coach looks on as Madeline McGaryn ’19 attempts to get on base
Taylor Rochlin ’18 attempts to lead second base as the ball is pitched
Taylor Rochlin ’18 slides for third base as the New Canaan third baseman attempts to make the tag
Maisie Dembski ’20 stands ready waiting for the pitch
Anna Sivinski ’18 runs for first base as New Canaan first baseman stretches out for the catch
The Wreckers’ infield meets at the pitcher’s mound to regroup toward the end of the game
Alison Green ’20 throws the ball toward first base attempting to get the runner out
Sophia Alfero ’20 makes the throw to second baseman, Taylor Rochlin ’18
Ali Green ’20 sprints to third base
Ali Green ’20 slides into third to try to get the game tied up, Staples trailing 1-0
Two Wreckers in scoring position in the bottom of the sixth
Sophia Alfero ’20 and Taylor Rochlin ’18 doing their pre-inning ritual
Maddy McGarry ’19 makes a great catch to complete the double play
Staples huddles up for a game plan as the Wreckers head to their final 3 outs
Maddy McGarry ’19 strategizes with her coach
Staples and New Canaan exchange handshakes
At the end of the game, the final score was Staples – 0, New Canaan – 5