Staples Girls Lacrosse Doesn’t Take Preseason Lightly

Two of Three 2013 Captains, Ryan Kirshner and Sami Bautista

Abbey Fernandez

Two of Three 2013 Captains, Ryan Kirshner and Sami Bautista

Abbey Fernandez, Staff Writer

The Staples girl’s lacrosse team means business.

At a preseason practice this week, the players expressed their determination. Amelia Heisler ’15 said, “People are saying this is going to be a gap year because we lost so many seniors and have a new coach, but we want to prove them wrong.”

And they’re certainly working hard to do so. The girls have had one week of captain’s practices, followed by two weeks of preseason, leading up to tryouts, which begin March 18th. It’s not that they took it easy during the winter. The team’s off-season training included spinning classes at Joy Ride and a weekly training session at the Fitness Edge.  Many girls also participated in the SoNo Field house program to maintain their skills. These girls are devoted to lacrosse, in and out of season.

Jenna McNicholas ‘15, who was on varsity last year as a freshman, said, “This year with our new coach, being in shape is really important so we’re all working hard, at the same time, stick skills are crucial.”

The new Varsity coach is Pete Najarian, father of player, Nicki Najarian ‘15. When asked what it will be like to have her own father as a coach Narjarian replied, “Its kind of weird, but he has a lot of experience and should be good for the job.” Coach Najarian played lacrosse for Lafayette College.

One of the three captains, Ryan Kirshner ‘13 has faith in new coach Najarian. She said, “We have a new coach and we are excited to build the team up from last year as we have lost four D1 players.”

There is a strong emphasis on physical fitness this year. Brooke Berlin ’14 explained, “This year is more about getting in shape, because [lacrosse] skills are easier to develop.”

Seeking a balance between getting physically fit and practicing the sport, they schedule practices to last for two hours. Conditioning consists of everything from numerous squats to suicides up and down the field. All in hopes of “developing leg strength,” Sage Watterworth ’14 said.

The upcoming season will tell if the girls’ hard work and long hours spent on Ginny Parker field will pay off. Kirshner assures: “I think we’ll do well this year because we have a young team and a lot of returning talent.”