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The Final Score of This Year’s U.S Open: Ad-In

The Final Score of This Years U.S Open: Ad-In

Well, now there is nothing to watch on television. The U.S Open is finally over.

Tennis fans will definitely never forget this Open. The tournament is one of the most popular tennis events every year, but there were many unusual factors that made the 2012 Open go to Ad-in.

However, where in the world was Nadal?

Tennis observers were confused about Nadal’s absence and were expecting to watch a steamy Nadal vs. Federer match.

“To me, this Open is not the same because neither Nadal or Federer were in the semis, so there are some different match ups and players than normal,” Jake Hirschberg ’13 said.

Then, when Federer lost his match against Tomas Berdych, Andy Murray was destined to shine after Federer lost the first and second set to Murray pretty badly.

That is exactly what Murray did a couple of nights ago. The crowd roared when he won the whole battle, playing his last match against Novak Djokovic.

“I wanted Murray to win though because he’s come close a bunch of times but hasn’t won a grand slam yet,” Hirschberg said.

The final score in this match was 7-6 (10), 7-5, 2-6, 3-6, 6-2 and in four hours, Murray proved any doubters wrong.

Still, Djokovic was determined not to let his reputation as the best player in the world slip. Despite the heartbreaking loss, he played well performing to the audience.

Another player that has been mentioned a lot this year is David Ferrer.

Where did he come from?

“He’s been stuck at number five in the rankings for the last year and a half and can’t seem to break the top four guys. It would be cool to see him win just because it would be refreshing. Plus, he’s 30, so there’s not that many years left for him as a pro,” Jared Eisenberg ’13 said.

Tennis experts believe that besides Murray’s match, Ferrer had the best played match competing against Tipsarević in the quarter finals, which he won 7-6.

Hold on a minute, let’s not forget about the female dominating force, Serena Williams.

“It is nice that Serena is taking charge again after many years of random people winning each slam,” Melissa Beretta ’14 said.

The U.S Open wasn’t just gut wrenching, it was also very bitter sweet.

Two of the best players, Andy Roddick and Kim Clisters, are unfortunately retiring and that is why they desperately tried to win their last U.S Open matches.

“Andy Roddick’s last match was really emotional for me because I love watching him play. He is always so charismatic and I’ve seen him play live before, so having to let him go is going to be a difficult feat,” Beretta said.

Most importantly, when looking at the big picture, all of the tennis players had their victory moments.

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Kelsey Shockey
Kelsey Shockey, Web Sports Editor
Though she may flaunt skirts and cardigans in every hue of pink, Kelsey Shockey’s ’14 girly presence is not to be misconstrued. The Staples Senior’s true passion is sports. Since the age of five, Shockey has devoted herself to playing tennis year round. Currently a member of the girls’ varsity team, Shockey hopes to pursue the sport in college. “I love tennis because it is like performing on a stage and the spotlight is on you,” Shockey said. However, Shockey isn’t just getting attention on the courts. Since her freshman year, she has been involved in the Staples Television Network (STN), providing coverage for sports events. “I was never a great speaker in middle school or elementary school because I was so shy. But now I’ve come out of my shell,” Shockey said. “STN changed everything.” Dreaming of one day gracing national television, she hopes to study communications with an emphasis on broadcast journalism. Combining her love for sports and communications, it’s no wonder that Shockey is a perfect fit as one of Inkling’s Web Sports Editors. Full of exuberance and enthusiasm, she loves that she can “connect with people” through her writing. Shockey’s proudest work is “Explosion at Boston Marathon,” the first breaking news story she has ever written for Inklings. With a strong work ethic as well as a flare for sports and broadcasting, Shockey is sure to be a valuable addition to this year’s Inklings staff.

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