Getting To Know Goodrich

Getting To Know Goodrich

Photo by Molly Barreca ’13

Over the course of one school day, a Staples substitute can be called to teach math, English, history, even world language. For some, it may be challenging to have knowledge in each of these diverse subjects.

For Jim Goodrich, however, his past life experiences make him 100% qualified to teach it all.

Goodrich began subbing at Staples in 2003, but before he settled into life as a Wrecker, he worked at a college, served in the army, and traveled the world.

Just four years after graduating college and working as an admissions officer for Ohio Wesleyan University, Goodrich joined the army and served as a Company Commander in the United States Army Infantry.

“[Being in the army] gave me an appreciation for living in a third world country and I found a deep appreciation for people living in those countries and those conditions. I also gained experience in boating,” said Goodrich.

His experience boating would continue to assist him in his next venture, living on a sailboat for a year while he traveled the Western Caribbean. His adventures began while he was still serving in the Army, when he was invited to sail to Australia. Although his intended destination changed, Goodrich felt as though this would be a valuable life experience, and agreed to go.

Goodrich continued exploring the world in several different careers, including being a leather commodity trader while living in Argentina, before becoming an integral part of the Staples community through “The Challenge,” the Staples Sailing Team, and through being a Staples Superfan.

“Mr. Goodrich is entirely responsible for the success of the Staples Challenge Team. He knows how to train his students well and how to let them use their natural talents,” said Peter Menz ’11. “The 2010 and 2011 state championship titles are all due to his leadership, confidence, and good humor.”

Similarly, the substitute shares an admiration for the students. “[The students] have been what has made this all worthwhile. Students here respect each other and have a good attitude towards their classmates and their studies. Staples kids are very forward looking,” said Goodrich.

Most Staples students may be unaware of all of the diverse facets Goodrich has been involved in. However, these experiences have helped shaped the man who has become a beloved member of the community.