‘Tall Girl’ just another cheesy romantic Netflix original movie

Netflix original movies about teen romance have a well-established reputation of being boring. So when preparing to watch the new movie, “Tall Girl” I went in with low expectations, but it proved to be even worse than I expected.
In the Netflix comedy, the main character, Jodi, is abnormally tall for her age and she continually gets tormented for her height. At the high school she attends in New Orleans, all of the bullying that she receives in school impacts every aspect of her life until a new student comes and teaches Jodi to view herself differently.
“Tall Girl” features many famous actors, which has sparked interest in viewers to watch. For instance, this film originally grabbed my attention because of the familiar face of main character Ava Michelle (Jodi), who is originally from the show “Dance Moms.” I was a fan, so I quickly clicked on the movie and just started watching. Jodi’s sister is also played by Sabrina Carpenter, who is a singer and originated her fame in the Disney show “Girl Meets World.” Jodi’s mom is played by Angela Kinsley, who is from the comedy TV show “The Office.”
Unfortunately, there were a lot of downsides to the movie. First of all, it was predictable. I watched 10 minutes of the movie and already knew how it was going to end. It was just like other Netflix movies such as “To All the Boys I Loved Before” and “The Kissing Booth”: it was boring and childish.
Jodi fell in love with the foreign exchange student but the popular girl who bullies Jodi got to him first. I would say spoiler alert, but it is common sense that Jodi ends up being with the guy.
Other than this film being utterly unrelatable to most teenagers, the movie is getting lots of negative comments on social media for its script. On the app “Tik Tok,” many people are making videos about the one line in the movie that says, “You think your life is hard? I’m a high school junior wearing size 13 Nikes. Men’s 13 Nikes. Beat that.”
People’s online responses to these quotes have displayed that there are worse things going on in their lives than having a big shoe size. The movie itself is overly dramatic and that the big problems Jodi faces don’t even seem like a big deal.
If you want a movie to stand out and be original, don’t refer to “Tall Girl.”

Rating: ★★☆☆☆