Doughnut Inn is sure to sugar-coat your taste buds


This small “hole-in-the-wall” coffee shop guarantees to beat your average Dunkin’ Donuts purchases.

With only three locations, two being in Fairfield and one in Stratford, the drive is most definitely worth it.

They provide not only donuts and coffee but a fresh arrangement of baked goods as well.

Although there is rarely ever a wait due to the fast service, one of the Fairfield locations, located at 562 Post Road, is convenient enough to have a drive through so on a morning commute, customers can easily grab a cup of coffee on the go.

“I go all the time,” Bailey Rizza said ’17. “It’s my go to place.”

Having been both inside of the shop and through the drive through, the drive through is definitely most recommended.

Other than the convenience of not having to go in and the delicious looking array of donuts behind the cash register, the dull and plain interior of the shop makes staying in the car much more desirable. However, the taste of the food keeps you from completely turning away from the shop all together.

At first sight, the exterior of the shop would not be described as appealing nor would I ever think to have gone in. Inside was quiet and there was not much except for a few tables and chairs and a refrigerator stocked with beverages. But, the sweet aroma of doughnuts and muffins did catch my attention.

The menu consisted of a more typical array of donuts. With flavors such as plain, chocolate glazed, and vanilla iced, it seemed similar to any Dunkin’ Donuts menu.

With a variety of doughnuts to choose from, I chose a classic glazed donut. It was light and fluffy and definitely exceeded any donut I had ever had.

“This is by far way better than any typical Dunkin’ Donuts doughnut that I’ve ever had,” Dayna Hornung ’16 said.

It was also recommended by a friend to try an iced coffee, half cinnfully nutty, half french vanilla, light and sweet. Although the order was a mouth full, it was made in under a minute and I recently visited again to get myself another one. Being an irregular coffee drinker, this specific drink helped change my liking of coffee.

The price of the total order came out to be surprisingly low. It was under $4, making it affordable and reasonable for almost everyone.

Having gone back a second time, I changed my order slightly. Still purchasing the same iced coffee I had previously, I decided to try one of their bagels.

I order my usual plain bagel toasted with butter, hoping to compare to my more regular places such as Village Bagels.

Considering this place was known more for their doughnuts, I was surprised when it tasted more than just an ordinary supermarket bought bagel.

All in all, with their delicious tasting doughnuts, bagels and coffee, convenient drive through and outstanding prices, Doughnut Inn has never seemed to let me down.

Despite the need for a makeover, this will always be one of my top choices when in need of something sweet.

“Best. Place. Ever,” Stephen Rowland ’17 said.