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Top Grammy performances number 4

Nate Rosen

The 56th Grammy Awards took place last Sunday, Jan. 27. This was a year of mash-ups when the classics met the sounds of today’s music with artists like Madonna mixing with Macklemore, while others like Lorde and Taylor Swift went solo. Of all the 18 performances that graced the stage, five stood out as the most incredible ones of the night. For each of the next five days, one of the best performances from the Grammys will be posted.

4. Pharrell Williams, Daft Punk, and Stevie Wonder perform “Get Lucky”

Despite the fact that the lyrics of “Get Lucky” have been etched into the brains of every radio listener in America, Daft Punk and their company were able to put an interesting twist on the most overplayed song of the year.

The performance opened up with Pharrell Williams sporting a new hat and Stevie Wonder jamming out with a hint of disco nostalgia. When the first chords were played by Nile Rodgers, a fellow Westporter, every star in the entire audience got up out of their seats and began to tap their feet and bob their heads to the disco-like take on the pop hit.

Out of nowhere, the two sleek white robots of Daft Punk appeared from within the booth. For the first time in six years, the French duo made their first live appearance. With all the buttons pushed and synthetic sounds added, they were able to combine the popular sounds of Electric Dance Music (EDM) with Chic’s “Le Freak” and Wonder’s “Another Star.”

Daniel Brill ’16, found himself enjoying the performance despite his dislike towards Daft Punk. “This wasn’t Daft Punk’s best performance,” he said, ”but towards the end, it got a lot better because Stevie Wonder and Daft Punk were able to pull together their skills.”

Overall, this performance was able to show just how far music has come. Daft Punk’s modern sounds were able to perfectly combine with Rogers and Wonder’s soul of the ‘70s and the Hollywood stars absolutely adored it.

Watch the performance here.

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Julia Greenspan, Public Relations
Senior Julia Greenspan ’16 takes her own route as she continues into her third year of Inklings. After being thrown in mid way through her Sophomore year, learning the ropes on her own made her realize she didn’t have to follow in everyone else's footsteps. Starting with a publicity supplement showed Greenspan there was more to journalism than just writing. What interested her the most was the social media aspect. Taking on a new position that was never filled before led her to where she is today; the PR manager. Before Greenspan, social media did not have a big place in Inklings, but now with its own facebook, snapchat, and instagram account everything from school news to sports games are shared throughout the town. Greenspan describes her experience in Inklings as a “success story” and expresses that this class showed her what she wants to do in the future.
Nate Rosen
Nate Rosen, Graphics Coordinator

When flipping through the pages of a freshly printed Inklings on a Friday morning at Staples, text, novelty-fonted headlines and especially graphics and pictures jump out to the Staples students and faculty. And a big applause is long overdue to senior Nate Rosen ’14, who is Graphics Editor in Chief this year and is the man behind a number of graphics in both the paper and web versions of Inklings.

 “It’s a creative outlet for me,” said Rosen ’14 who can be called an artist for his graphics and photos but claims he cannot draw for his life.

Doing graphics for Inklings since freshman year he has created numerous different visuals. One of his favorites is the banner for an article about The Great Gatsby. With gold and metal like textures the banner closely resembles the logo for the 2013 movie.

“That graphic I actually did on my own time, it was more for me,” said Rosen ’14.

Rosen claims that graphics is really a hobby for him; he could be on the Adobe software creating new graphics all day long. However it is easier to have an assignment for a graphic instead of creating the idea on his own.

But no matter how he gets the creative spark or how he creates his artwork, Rosen’s graphics will be printed and posted proudly in Inklings throughout the year.

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