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The Last Hurrah for Many Popular TV Shows

Daniela Karpenos

Don’t be surprised if Stop and Shop sells out of Kleenex during the fall TV season. While the school year is just taking off, it is almost graduation time for many popular television shows. Several much adored TV series have announced that this coming season will be their last, such as the CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother” and the HBO drama “True Blood.”

Rather than looking forward to next year’s jaw-dropping dramatic moments or laugh-out-loud dialogue, some audiences will be tuning into these soon-departing shows with heavy hearts.

“I hate it!” said Emily Lewis ’15 of “How I Met Your Mother’s” swiftly approaching end. “I want it to go [on] forever.”

Lewis added that she likes the show because of its characters and will miss seeing the great chemistry between the actors.

Other Staples students, such as Lillian Appell ’15, share these feelings of disappointment.

“I’m very excited for the new season [of How I Met Your Mother],” said Appell. “But I’m sad because I don’t want the show to end.”

Many students weren’t even aware that these popular shows were in their final run.

“I’m going to cry. I’m flat out going to cry. That’s surprising!” said Emily Ressler ’14, who went back to season one of “True Blood” to watch every episode.

Ressler explained that True Blood’s allure lies in its intensity and “appealing” characters.

“I’ll miss getting to freak out over who’s now a vampire and who’s a fairy and who’s in love with who knows!” she said.

Although goodbyes are tough, it’s not time to panic yet. The ninth season of “How I Met Your Mother” begins on September 23, and True Blood’s seventh season doesn’t start until summer 2014, so viewers still have plenty of time to spend with the likes of Ted Mosby and Sookie Stackhouse.

“I’m going to treasure every second!” said Ressler.

Even though viewers have mixed emotions about what is to come, one thing is for sure: these shows have promised to go out with a bang, and audiences can only hope that the producers have saved the best season for last.

Which for many viewers means how Ted met his wife.

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Rachel Treisman
Rachel Treisman, Web Features Editor
Since the time that she could remember, Rachel Treisman ’15 always loved reading and writing. And with a long list of titles read, she kept track of her favorite words that she found in books. Inklings was always something that Treisman ’15 wanted to be a part of. After stopping involvement in sports when she was younger she had a desire to be part of a team. “I always tried to be involved but didn’t know I had to take the Intro to Journalism,” said Treisman ’15 “I tried to make graphics and help out in other ways but there was not much I could do” So, she signed up to take the Introduction course her sophomore year and then became a staff writer last year. Aside from her role as the Web Features Editor for Inklings and keeping her portfolio full of stories, Treisman also has found the time to start and lead the Circle of Women Club at Staples. A club that helps raise money and awareness to send girls in developing countries to school. Treisman has been involved in the organization for a few years now, following her fundraising for her Bat Mitzvah project. “I was trying to think of a project and my dad asked me what I was thankful for,” said Treisman ’15 “And the big thing that I could think of, was school.” And now, she can add Inklings to her list of things to be thankful for and proud of.  
Daniela Karpenos
Daniela Karpenos, Web News Editor
Daniela Karpenos ’15, a dedicated member to Inklings, is not just an important part of the paper, but she is also very educated in the field of psychology. When Karpenos isn’t playing Tennis for Trumbull or the Wreckers, or organizing charity events for her temple youth board, or speaking Russian with her twin, or fulfilling her duties as Web News Editor of Inklings, she is working hard to become a well-studied psychology student. Karpenos has worked on Inklings for three years, and her senior year marks her first position on the paper. She took the Intro to Journalism class in freshman year and has been on the paper from sophomore all the way to senior year. She has progressively gotten more involved, as she started taking photos freshman year and worked her way up to a News Editor position this year. Karpenos is also passionate about psychology. She plans to major in Clinical Psychology when she goes to college. In the summer of 2014 she interned at the Yale Child Studies Center where she was entering and validating data. She also participated in an ongoing study about A.D.D. where Yale is attempting to develop a game that would help kids with A.D.D. focus better. In the summer of 2013, she went to the Yale Explo -- where she worked on her creative writing and studied psychology. It is clear that Karpenos is a dedicated learner and when asked about her career choices she said she wanted to pursue psychology and, “Although I don’t see myself in a journalism career I definitely will use skills I’ve developed here.”

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