Embody: A Jolt of Energy


A sampling of a few “to-go” options.

In most Fairfield County towns, new health food eateries are constantly springing up to satisfy local mothers’ cravings for a shake or salad after their latest Zumba class. Westport is certainly not immune to this trend, with places such as Fresh Market and Terrain serving up organic and usually over priced cuisine.

When I heard about the opening of a new health food store called Embody, I expected the usual atmosphere: women in Lululemon as far as the eye can see, and ordering up cleverly named smoothies and salads (dressing on the side, of course).

In some ways, my vision was accurate. Yes, there is a salad called the “Veggilante”, but the quality and atmosphere of the restaurant is far from a “mom hangout”. In fact, the restaurant was crowded with commuters looking to get a quick bite before heading to their trains.

As far as the food was concerned, Embody did not disappoint. The “Cali Love” was my personal favorite, which is a twist on the classic Cobb Salad. The Embody signature “light and zesty” dressing has a little bit of spice and sort of a mustard taste, which can be unexpected if you’re unprepared for the spice.

Next up came the ceviche, which consisted of shrimp and avocado. The chunky avocado was a little strange in the dish. However, the seafood mixture was good overall but was definitely not filling enough for a meal.

Embody is well known for their exotic shakes and drinks, so I chose to be adventurous and try the “Jolt” drink. Jolt is perhaps one of the most interesting things offered by Embody because it is a combination of lemon juice with a spoonful of just enough cayenne pepper to wake you up. I was certainly apprehensive upon tasting the combination, and rightfully so. I have never in my life had a “spicy” drink before but that is exactly what Jolt is– a spicy lemonade of sorts. It’s definitely something to try, but it is also not going to be for everyone.

Overall, Embody has a lot of offer anyone and everyone. There are tasty salads and wraps as well as to-go cups and smoothies. I recommend being adventurous when going to Embody, because you honestly never know what will be a personal “Jolt.”