The Not So New ‘New Girl’


In a constant cycle of melodramatic teen shows, overly perky Disney Channel fluff and way too many singing competitions, it can often be difficult for the average TV watcher to get a breath of fresh air. However, Zooey Deschanel’s new hit series “New Girl” is just that.

Deschanel’s career seems to have erupted practically over night, but many viewers may not know that the quirky actress has played supporting roles in multiple noteworthy movies including her stint as Buddy the Elf’s coworker turned wife in the hit Christmas movie “Elf.” Now though, Deschanel has stolen the spotlight all on her own.

“I didn’t know who Zooey Deschanel was before watching “New Girl” but she’s such a cool character,” said Alexis Teixeira ’13.

Leading up to her starring television role, Deschanel’s career continued on a steady incline as she acted in a supporting role in “Failure to Launch,” starring Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker. Most people remember Deschanel as the dorky yet also edgy best friend to the female protagonist, but very few were actually to pinpoint the actress’s name. In fact, Deschanel has said herself that many people know her as “the girl with the bangs.”

However, in 2008 Deschanel finally got her chance to be a leading lady opposite Jim Carrey in “Yes Man.” She scored another lead in the romantic comedy “[500] days of Summer” in 2009, but after that, it’s almost as if she fell off the map.

“I’ve always watched Zooey Deschanel in supporting roles and thought she was funny and different,” said Lily Zuckerman ’13, “I’m glad she finally landed a lead.”

Deschanel has been around, participating in nearly 40 different projects in various supporting roles, with the exception of her three leads. However, 2011 seemed to be Deschanel’s year to shine. She recently won a TV Guide Award for Favorite Actress as her portrayal of Jess in “New Girl,” and she was also nominated for a Golden Globe in the category of Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series-Comedy for her new show.

Deschanel’s star power seems to be continually rising, her show has earned rave reviews and been nominated for multiple awards in its very first season. Although she has been nabbing supporting roles for nearly a decade, this so called “adorkable” star has taken Hollywood by storm.