Taking your dorm from disaster to designer: Dorm decorating tips


Greta Bjornson, News Editor

As the senior class goes their separate ways in late August and early September, they will be facing a lot of unfamiliar situations in college: navigating the campus, identifying what’s edible in the dining hall, and of course, making cramped and dull dorms feel more like home. Although it may seem like a dubious task, these tips help make taupe walls and drab carpeting a bit more lively.

1. Stock up on posters and wall decorations
Websites like redbubble.com have an endless selection of unique designs to plaster your dorm room walls with. They have everything from animals to abstract pieces. Posters or framed prints provide personality and can reflect your personal tastes and interests. Plus, they are easy to remove at the end of the semester.

2. Find some fun bedding
When your space is small, basically everything serves as decor, so pick a colorful and unique comforter, like the ones at dormco.com. Their website sells bedding in the perfect size for dorm beds. Urbanoutfitters.com also has fun designs like this one for bedding that grabs attention and stands out.

3. Light it up
String lights bring a playful vibe and offset the harsh fluorescent lighting of a dorm. They come in a wide variety of designs, from ultra-feminine to minimalist. Esty.com also has a great selection of string lights. Wrap string lights around the headboard of your bed or drape them along the ceiling with decorating clips.

4. Make the most of storage and organization
Surprisingly, storage containers can add a lot to a dorm room and make staying organized fun and attractive. Keep lists with chalkboard panels that can be easily attached to the wall near your desk, or use colorful stacking drawers to keep clothes neat and contained. The Container Store also has lots of aesthetically pleasing options for desk organization such as this collection.