The struggle of being a second semester junior surrounded by seniors


I was warned about the rigor of junior year. I heard horror stories about the SAT, was given tips on how to get a five on AP tests and was even told that I should spend every weekend visiting colleges.

Yet, despite the constant college meetings and Baron’s books, nothing prepared me for the nightmare that is being only one of three juniors in a class that is jam packed with second semester seniors.

If you thought it was hard to stay awake during class, try staying awake while everyone around you is either asleep, or simply not in attendance.

While the seniors day dream about internships and graduation, I slouch down in my seat trying to ignore the fact that I, sadly, will not be kissing goodbye to Staples High School in less than six weeks.

I bury my head in Shakespeare’s King Lear and envy the this-class-doesn’t-really-matter-anymore-so-I-might-just-watch-the-office-for-50-minutes attitude that fills the atmosphere.

Oh, and group work? I’ve quickly learned to remove the word “group” from the situation and face the fact that the assignment will inherently be dumped into my struggling, Junior year arms.

Staying motivated in a classroom when the bare minimum has changed from doing the work to doing enough to not get rescinded within a matter of months is simply impossible.

During the fall, I lived vicariously through my AP Literature seniors. I felt their anxiety about their college apps, stressed about who got in where and was filled with excitement when decisions were released. So, after that emotional roller coaster, it’s only fair that I lose my motivation too, right?

Although being in a class full of second semester seniors makes me want to fast forward five months, when I’ll be the one wearing pink boas and a crown, I can’t help but applaud them for how hard they’ve worked for the past four years.