AP test costs aggravate students


For students who have taken AP tests, the feeling of taking them is all too familiar.  After grinding to keep up with the accelerated, advanced content for the entire year, you get to spend your April break studying for AP tests and the first two weeks of May taking standardized tests.  On top of all of this, students need to shell out $100 to have the privilege of taking a standardized test.

I personally needed to pay the school $480 last week to take these tests come May, which comes out to $96 per test.  Each AP test costs nearly double that of the ACT with Writing, and more than triple that of an SAT Subject Test, which comes in at $26 per test. It’s pure lunacy that the College Board should be able to reach deep into the pockets of students looking to push themselves.  

The syllabus for one of my AP courses reads, “You will be expected to take the AP Exam come May,” and the mantra of another one of my AP classes is “May 5th is fast approaching,” in regards to the date of the course’s AP test.  For classes geared towards preparing students for the standardized test, I find it absurd that students need to pay so much money.  

I’m not saying that students shouldn’t take AP classes or tests, but something needs to be done to reduce the ever-rising costs of taking AP tests.