My coffee is drowning in ice

My coffee is drowning in ice

There are some things I’ll just never understand. I’ll never understand the stock market. I’ll never understand how soccer works. And I’ll never understand why iced coffee costs more than regular coffee.

At Starbucks, a grande Fresh Brewed Coffee costs only $1.95 while a grande iced coffee costs $2.45. Similarly, at Dunkin’ Donuts, a medium hot coffee costs a mere $1.79 while a medium iced coffee costs $2.39.

This revelation came to me one day as I was drinking my iced coffee for only a couple minutes before I realized it was half melted. I looked over at my friend who was sipping on a hot coffee that was still almost full and thought to myself, “Next time I get iced coffee I’ll have to order a bigger size.” But as our bills sat on the table, I couldn’t help but notice that my friend’s beverage was significantly cheaper.

Half the cup is filled with ice (which is basically free), and this is the price I pay. That makes less sense to me than rocket science and quantum physics combined.

As an avid coffee drinker who can’t keep her eyes open without caffeine running through her veins, my bank account definitely isn’t happy with the inflated price of iced coffee. In reality, iced coffee should cost less because half the amount of coffee is actually being served.

But I can’t help myself from buying it–there’s nothing better than a fresh iced coffee on a hot summer day, lying by the pool and baking in the sun.

So even though I’ll reluctantly pay extra for my iced coffee, I hope to see the day where the coffee game is just.