Cafeteria additions evoke excitement among Staples students

Jen Gouchoe, Web Features Editor

On Monday, March 23, posters adorned the walls of the cafeteria, advertising the arrival of frozen yogurt and after-school snacks. Both will be available on Tuesday, April 7.

Ever since last fall, when the state government put an end to selling coffee to students, Staples kids have been itching to find a new source of energy to get them through the day: some think froyo may be the answer. The electrical outlet that used to help brew students’ coffee will be rewired to accommodate the frozen yogurt machine.

Although the frozen yogurt won’t be of the Pinkberry, Sweet Frog or other trendy froyo name-brands, it will be a product of the reputable yogurt company, Dannon. There will be two different flavors and a combination for those who want the best of both swirls. To top it all off, a toppings bar will be right next to the yogurt machine.

The frozen yogurt and after-hours snacks are all helping in the cafeteria’s crusade to provide more variety for the students.

“We find here that anytime we do something a little different or a little bit new, we get a good response, so what we’re trying to do is change around our snacks a little bit,” District Chef Dave Nanarello said.

Indeed, the cafeteria is receiving a good response from the students.

“All we’ve seen snack-wise for a long time is chips, cookies and sometimes fruit snacks,” Kaela Fodor ’16 said. “It would be cool to have some other snack options.”

Rachel Polin ’16, whose brother used to work at Sweet Frog, is looking forward to eating the snack more frequently and conveniently.

“It’s much easier than having to drive all the way to a froyo store, and I won’t have to spend my own money – since my parents pay for my lunch – which is a good deal,” Polin said.

But the new froyo isn’t the only thing peaking students’ interest; the addition of after school snacks, which will be available from 2 p.m. to 2:45 p.m., will benefit students with after school activities.

“We want to be available to you guys when you stay after [school], before you hit the playing field,” Nanarello said.

Baseball player Daniel Call ’16 is one of the many student athletes that will be able to satisfy their hunger while enduring long sports practices. “Now I won’t have to be hungry during games and practices if I forget to bring food,” Call said.

Not only will the after-school snacks be a source of nutrition for athletes, but it will also be a nice end-of-the-day treat for students with last period frees or long walks to their cars.

“I’ll definitely be buying some snacks before my walk up to Wakeman,” Fodor said.