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“Frankenstorm” Preparations Underway

Many homes have already been flooded.

With Hurricane Sandy fast approaching, Westport is already feeling the effects of the oncoming storm. Residents of the Saugatuck area are already evacuating.

Schools have also been closed for both Mon. and Tues. by Superintendent Elliott Landon.

For more information, visit Inklings’ Hurricane Watch

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Ryder Chasin
Ryder Chasin, Web Managing Editor

A varsity athlete, student ambassador, Hollywood veteran, and President of the National Honor Society, Ryder Chasin is more than an exemplary student at Staples. In fact, it’s his avid engagement with the Staples community that makes him such a skilled journalist.

Chasin knows Staples students are busy and thus not prone to scroll through lengthy articles. This is why he intends to turn the web into a multi-media experience.

At a five-week journalism program at Northwestern University, Chasin studied how to use polls, video, and social media. He believes these techniques are the best way to grab and hold a reader’s attention. Through integrating interactive elements, Chasin strives to “bring new life to the paper,” and effectively carry Inklings into the 21st century.

When he is not managing the web, Chasin can be found writing profiles or front-page stories for the print issues of Inklings. Chasin has been a part of Inklings for 3 ½ years, and he looks forward to making his last the best one yet.

Haley Zeldes
Haley Zeldes, Sports Editor
Haley Zeldes is finally a Senior Girl who, along with the other queens in her class, orders the school to “13OW DOWN” to her as she takes on her final year at Staples. Although she is excited to claim her throne, she has not lost sight of the fact that this may be the beginning to her end. Zeldes has made it a priority of hers to stay committed to Inklings for she feels that Inkling’s strength is how everyone works really well together, creatively, and works off of each others ideas to make the best stories possible-she definitely wants to remain apart of that community where she is confident as the new features editor. “I’ve watched other writers in the past take the stories that I’ve wanted-but not anymore. It’s my turn now,” Zeldes said. In addition to writing feature articles, what you can expect to see from Zeldes is some eye-catching layouts in the next issue. She is extremely excited to experience layout again and to make interesting pictures that will help the pieces stand out. Queen Haley is one hard worker that’s for sure, who is willing to put her best foot forward to make the paper as successful, if not more successful, than it has been in previous years. “I want to leave my mark on inklings and share my knowledge with underclassmen,” Zeldes said. “I’m hoping that when I leave, Inklings will continue to strive.”
Molly Barreca
Molly Barreca, Sports Editor
Molly Barreca seems like a typical humorous girl at Staples. However, there are many things that most don’t know about her. She aspires to work in public relations when she is older, similarly to her father who has worked in the television industry for years. Barreca is one of Inklings most popular writers with over 1,000 hits on her articles. She has always been a talented writer and loved reading the paper, but she officially started Inklings at the end of her sophomore year. She then took advanced journalism her junior year and is currently in the advanced class her senior year. This coming year Barreca is one of the sports editors, and her ambition is to change the sports section. “I want to make the sports section a little less predictable,” Barreca said. She is very excited about the back page and likes that it is one of the more featured pages. “I want to make the section somewhere people turn to when they first get the paper because they want to see what we’re going to do next,” Barreca said. Barreca and her good friend Aaron Hendel, which is also her co-editor, are eager to change Inkling’s sports section for the better. It will be interesting to watch Barreca as she changes the Inklings sports section and follow in the footsteps of her father.
Rose Propp
Rose Propp, Photographry Editor
Rose Propp ’13 is simply artistic. Various forms of art have always been in her life, but nowadays she is focusing her time on her true artistic passions: journalism and photography. This is Propp’s second year on the Inklings staff, and she is this year’s photography editor. Inklings isn’t the only place where Propp demonstrates her interest in photography. She has a photo blog where she posts the best photos that she takes. Check out Propp describes herself as having a love for journalism. “[Journalism] allows me to express myself in ways I have never seen in myself before,” Propp said. Aside from journalism and photography, Propp enjoys long distance running, math, and economics. She frequently takes long runs on the beach and likes economics because she finds real world applications of concepts very interesting. Propp also was a musician. She has played violin, trumpet, piano, and guitar. In fact, her mother is a music teacher at Greens Farms School. Even though Propp has stopped playing music for the likes of journalism and photography, it is quite apparent that artistic ability runs in the Propp family.

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