Walk Against Hate promotes inclusivity across the nation


Graphic by Abby Nevin ’23


Teenagers, adults and even children across the world have felt the harsh wrath of hurtful words. Bullying and discrimination is prominent in the world today; therefore, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is a driving force in pushing to create a world where none of this negativity exists.

ADL fosters the power of communities across the United States to come together and show their support towards those struggling. The Walk Against Hate is their most prominent event because of society’s common goal of eliminating hurtful behavior. 

The Walk Against Hate is an event where individuals or groups walk together in their community to raise money, which is then donated to ADL’s work fighting antisemitism and hate, along with their foundational anti-bias programs in schools.

“It is a celebration of community,” ADL’s Director of Development Leah Kagan said.

“People from all over the state, from all different backgrounds, [come] together to show strength against hate.”

People from all over the state, from all different backgrounds, [come] together to show strength against hate.

— Leah Kagan

Although the walk has only been present in Connecticut for two years, it has gained recognition and many students appreciate its message. 

“I think a walk against hate is a great way to bring the commmunity together to fight discrimination,” Henry Matar ’23 said. “I would definitely participate and recommend it to my family.”

Community members that are willing to walk in Connecticut are able to register for the walk held in Hartford by Sept. 26 so they are able to participate in the walk on Oct.10. Willing participants are also able to join the event over zoom and walk with whomever they would like. 

“It is important for youth to participate to show that they are standing up for their peers and for themselves,” Kagan said. “It also shows older participants that our youth is leading the way in building the type of world they want to live in.”