May 1 allows seniors to celebrate their college decisions


Photo contributed by Nicky Brown '19

Hannah Bolandian ’19 and Nicky Brown ’19 pose for a picture before school on decision day. Both are decked out in the college they are attending.

Nicky Brown ’19

For high school seniors around the nation, May 1 was national decision day. This means that by May 1, seniors had to decide where they would attend college the following year. Traditionally, seniors celebrate their college selection by wearing their college colors or logos on May 1.
Prior to school starting, many students congregated in the parking lot with their friends to take pictures and celebrate their acceptance with their friends.
“It was really fun and exciting to see where everyone was going,” Mae Logan ’19 said. It’s a great way to celebrate the college process ending.”
Most schools release their acceptances in waves, depending on whether applicants applied early decision, early action or regular decision. By late March/early April, most people have all their options laid out and can narrow down their choices based on where they got in.
“I didn’t apply early decision anywhere, so I waited to hear back from all my schools before making a decision,” Ellie Arrow ’19 said. I ended up deciding in late April, but I’m still happy I waited.”
Many seniors, like Arrow, had decided on where they will be attending college next year before May 1, but for few students like Avery Reiner ’19, they used decision day to actually make her college decision.
“I had narrowed it down to two choices, but I was extremely hesitant to fully commit, so I just decided that day,” Reiner said.
However, other seniors knew where they were going for a while now.
“I was lucky enough to get into my ED school, so the May 1 deadline wasn’t really an issue for me, ” Mia Fraas ’19 said. “I’m happy I found out in December because it relieved a lot of stress early on.”
“The day was filled with excitement for seniors because it was one of the first signs of college. It was pretty surreal to see people I grew up with make one of their first major life decisions.” Mia Kobylinski ’19 said.
“I’m looking forward to the future and to see how everyone likes their college,” Josh Buckman ’19 added.