Solidcore takes pilates to the next level

Solidcore’s convenient location allows Westport residents to enjoy an intense workout and have a good time.

Photo by Carly Kaplowitz '21

Solidcore’s convenient location allows Westport residents to enjoy an intense workout and have a good time.

Carly Kaplowitz '21

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Reformers, spin bikes, rowers and yoga mats are something that Westport citizens know all too well. But Solidcore takes pride in their small classes and intensified level to differentiate their class from all the others.
With 40 locations all across America, Solidcore finally moved to Westport located on 374 Post Road East. Its grand opening was in November 2018, providing an intense pilates class at a convenient location.
“I went to Solidcore last weekend and I am still sore from it.” Nicole Jamison ’21 said. “It was really hard but so much fun.”
The high intensity, low impact workout class focuses on strengthening your muscles. Unlike other pilates places, they focus on one-on-one attention to make sure that each move you complete is correct so that no injuries occur and you leave feeling like you made progress.
According to Joanna Jung, the Westport studio manager, the workout is meant to be challenging and purposefully sequenced to work each muscle.
“We hope to bring a challenging workout, that helps people realize their fullest potential with their bodies,” Jung said. “You’ll leave feeling shaky yet strong.”
Solidcore also takes pride in the fact that anybody can take this class. There is a beginner class which teaches the basics to people new to working out and are nervous for their first Solidcore class, and a full body class which is the signature 50 minute muscle working class. No matter what level you are, there is a class for everyone.
“Although I have not been to Solidcore yet, I think I would really enjoy it,” Hailey Nussbaum ’20 said. “I like how they recognize that not everyone is great at working out.”
Solidcore is thrilled to have anyone and everyone in Westport come and challenge themselves to workout and have a good time.
“When you’re in the studio you’re a part of a team. This teammate environment in the studio makes for a stronger community outside the studio,”Jung said. “We really are a family here at Solidcore.”